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Analisa stands as a cutting-edge AI-driven social analysis tool meticulously crafted for brand marketers, advertising agencies, influencers, and media publishers who are in pursuit of refining their Instagram and TikTok strategies.

Its impressive array of functionalities encompasses instantaneous insights into profiles and hashtags, comprehensive follower demographic analysis, authenticity assessments, campaign performance tracking, competitive scrutiny, historical data examination, and content enhancement. Moreover, it provides a complimentary basic analytics package and flexible subscription options for advanced capabilities, accommodating businesses across the spectrum of sizes.

Key highlights encompass:

  1. Monitoring and dissecting trends across time.
  2. Uncovering captivating content and influential figures through real-time analytics concerning top posts, captions, hashtags, and optimal posting periods.
  3. Generating tailored Instagram and TikTok profile and hashtag reports in PDF or CSV formats, tailored to your specific requisites.
  4. Gaining in-depth insights into your followers’ demographics and authenticity metrics.