Bitskout, originating from Estonia, stands as a remarkable no-code AI automation platform, revolutionizing task automation and elevating productivity levels. Crafted with a vision to propel your business towards its maximum potential, this software simplifies and streamlines productivity management.

Bitskout has gained international recognition, securing a coveted spot on UNESCO’s prestigious IRCAI top 100 global AI projects list. However, Bitskout is more than just enhancing the intelligence of your tools; it’s about simplifying and enhancing your daily life.

With its user-friendly interface, Bitskout empowers you to create intelligent plugins in a matter of minutes. These plugins can swiftly parse messages or documents, extracting vital information to fuel your workflow. Tasks that once demanded human intervention can now be automated effortlessly.

Tailor your automation requirements to perfection by fashioning plugins with Bitskout’s versatile Templates library or by crafting your own custom plugins. These plugins can adeptly handle diverse content sources, including email messages (including attachments), documents, snapshots, and more. Extracting data from CVs, Purchase Orders, Invoices, or Bills of Lading becomes a breeze with your specialized custom plugins.

Bitskout extends a diverse range of integrations, seamlessly harmonizing with your preferred tools sans the complexities of intricate coding. Whether you’re an enthusiast of Zapier, a Power Automate pro, or an Asana master, Bitskout’s plugins effortlessly integrate into your workflow.