Canva Magic Write

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Introducing Canva Magic Write: Your Automated Writing Partner

Canva’s innovative AI text generator transforms the world’s beloved graphic design suite into a dynamic marketing powerhouse for businesses of all scales.

Effortlessly produce content using just a few keywords, tackling a wide range of writing tasks—from crafting cover letters and greeting cards to authoring blogs and much more.

Canva’s Docs feature adds a visually captivating dimension to your text documents. Leveraging their AI-generated text, you can effortlessly emphasize critical sections within your document, ensuring readers focus on the most crucial information.

Generate text, whether short or long-form, crafting anything from attention-grabbing promotional blurbs to detailed technical manuals. Translate your ideas into clear and concise text to convey them effectively.

Enhance your productivity by writing and editing content on any device, all conveniently stored in one centralized location.