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“Chat” by stands out as the premier alternative to ChatGPT at the moment, thanks to its outstanding capabilities. What truly sets this tool apart is its ability to leverage real-time data to aid you in your research, content creation, and content production endeavors. Moreover, it offers the unique functionality of allowing you to infuse different brand voices into your work by simply pasting existing blog posts, which can be saved for future use. doesn’t stop there; it excels in various tasks such as website scraping, personalizing sales outreach, condensing lengthy YouTube videos into concise bullet points, and performing insightful LinkedIn analyses. Additionally, it streamlines your workflow with features like the swift generation of content briefs and the extraction of detailed bullet points from YouTube videos. It’s worth noting that a free plan is available for those looking to explore its capabilities.

One significant advantage that’s “Chat” has over ChatGPT is its reliance on the latest, up-to-date data sources. This ensures that the content you create is always current and relevant.

Whether you need to gather public data from websites, craft tailored sales messages, distill the essence of YouTube videos, or gain valuable insights into LinkedIn engagement,’s “Chat” is your indispensable partner. It represents the evolution of AI-powered copywriting tools and offers invaluable features such as the ability to generate comprehensive content briefs from a single keyword or extract detailed bullet points from YouTube videos. In essence, it is a multifaceted writing assistant that can significantly enhance your productivity and efficiency.