Eclipse AI


“Eclipse AI eliminates the uncertainty in comprehending and retaining your customer base by seamlessly amalgamating chat, surveys, audio/video calls, emails, and online reviews within a unified platform.

Eclipse empowers you to craft custom surveys or seamlessly integrate existing ones.

Gain actionable insights that illuminate areas ripe for improvement, elevating your Customer Experience Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Free yourself from manual data analysis and channel your efforts into meaningful strategy execution.

Key Queries Addressed by Eclipse AI:

  1. What are the primary reasons for customer churn?
  2. What are the most prevalent pain points experienced by customers?
  3. How can we enhance the customer experience effectively?
  4. What strategies prove most effective in retaining customers?

Operational Process:

  1. Listen: Consolidate and integrate your omnichannel voice-of-customer data.
  2. Understand: Identify real-time trends and early warning signals impacting customer retention.
  3. Act: Leverage AI-driven insights that drive increased customer retention.”