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“Guidde is an AI Solution for Onboarding, FAQs, and Video Documentation If you have customers or clients, you should try this innovative platform. It’s changing the way businesses tell their stories. guidde is a tool that will improve your team’s customer service ofering. For example, team members can create personalized video responses to customer queries and then use the guides (or guiddes) in future queries by saving them to a tutorial video library. Automate the creation of stunning onboarding documents Quickly create FAQs Make video documentation 10x faster Click ‘capture’ (using the Magic Capture browser extension) to record your steps and click ‘stop’ when you’re done. Let guidde take care of the hard parts. Guidde will create a step-by-step description of your workflow, making it easy to follow and understand. Find the right voice and language for your brand by choosing from over 100 different voices and languages. Make your documentation as unique as your brand. Guidde also helps you create great-looking (and useful) visuals without any design skills.”

guidde is your all-in-one AI solution for Onboarding, FAQs, and Video Documentation.

If you have customers or clients, you owe it to yourself to explore this groundbreaking platform that is revolutionizing the way businesses convey their narratives. With guidde, you can elevate your team’s customer service offerings to new heights. For instance, team members can craft personalized video responses to customer inquiries and seamlessly integrate these guides (or “guiddes”) into future interactions by saving them to a comprehensive tutorial video library.

Here’s what guidde can do for you:

  1. Streamline the creation of captivating onboarding materials.
  2. Effortlessly generate FAQs for enhanced customer support.
  3. Expedite the production of video documentation by a factor of ten.

Using the “Magic Capture” browser extension, simply click “capture” to record your actions and “stop” when you’re finished. Let guidde handle the intricacies, transforming your process into a step-by-step description that is both user-friendly and easy to comprehend.