HookSounds AI Studio


AI-powered video soundtrack editing represents the future of audio enhancement, but this technology is already a reality. Craft vibrant soundscapes by incorporating effects that elevate the emotional depth of your film—all while ensuring perfect synchronization.

With AI Studio from HookSounds, crafting custom music takes mere minutes. Simply upload your video, and our AI algorithm instantly dissects various elements like mood, aesthetics, storytelling, energy, and duration, grasping the unique essence of your video.

AI Studio delves into your video’s content, narrative, and visual appeal to truly grasp its distinctiveness. The result? A seamlessly synchronized soundtrack, curated by AI, perfectly attuned to your video’s ambiance and message—all achieved without the need for manual editing or repetitive loops.

AI Studio boasts an extensive library offering a rich array of genres and styles, catering to diverse tastes. Our thoughtfully curated tracks span multiple musical genres, ensuring that your video project’s audio backdrop will always shine amidst the crowd.

To obtain the ideal soundtrack for your video, fine-tune it until you discover a track that resonates perfectly. If the initial generated soundtrack doesn’t quite strike the right note, a simple tap can regenerate it, helping you find the perfect match.