Mr Scraper


Mr. Scraper is an invaluable AI tool designed to cater to the needs of website directory creators, ecommerce entrepreneurs, data brokers, data scientists, and data analysts.

Web scraping has been revolutionized with Mr. Scraper. By harnessing the power of advanced language models and integrating the versatility of traditional scraping techniques, including pagination and proxy rotation, you gain an unparalleled method for harvesting data from websites.

This intelligent tool utilizes language models to automatically decipher the structure of web pages and extract desired information intelligently, all without requiring intricate code selectors.

With Mr. Scraper AI at your disposal, effortlessly retrieving information from websites becomes a breeze. It possesses an innate ability to comprehend web page structures, akin to a seasoned detective, simplifying the process of extracting your desired data.

The user-friendly visual schedule builder facilitates the creation of scraping schedules, while the integrated data parser enables you to refine and format your scraped results. Furthermore, the Mr. Scraper API grants you the capability to seamlessly integrate this application into any existing software or scheduling system.