OpusClip streamlines the process of turning your videos into viral shorts with just a few simple clicks. It employs cutting-edge AI-driven copywriting and editing techniques to ensure your audience remains captivated and engrossed in your content.

Simply provide your YouTube video link, and OpusClip will generate short videos optimized for social media, all while preserving the essence of your original content.

At the heart of OpusClip lies its exclusive technology, ClipGenius™, which autonomously identifies the most compelling segments within your video, assembling them into a dynamic highlights reel. Gone are the days of relying on luck; the Virality Score™ meticulously assesses countless factors to predict the viral potential of your video, providing actionable guidance to help you achieve that viral status.

With the AI Co-Pilot feature, you can precisely select timeframes or keyword-based sections, ensuring your podcast contains all the essential elements necessary for success.

OpusClip employs Active Speaker Detection to maintain the speaker at the center of the frame, eliminating awkward transitions and static visuals. Furthermore, by pinpointing the most significant keywords from your video’s captions, OpusClip enhances viewer engagement, boosting watch time. It identifies the words that capture viewers’ attention and complements them with appropriate emojis.