RankIQ offers a comprehensive SEO Toolset designed to cater to both bloggers and businesses. Discover low-competition, high-traffic keywords across various niches and craft content that secures a prominent spot on Google’s first page of search results.

Effortlessly create blog post outlines in a matter of minutes by leveraging SEO content briefs meticulously aligned with Google’s ranking algorithm. The Content Optimizer’s writing assistant provides invaluable guidance to help you develop in-depth, first-page-worthy content.

Revamp your older posts for substantial traffic boosts, all accomplished in less than 30 minutes. Gain access to meticulously curated keyword libraries tailored to diverse blog niches, featuring high-traffic, low-competition phrases. Think of it as having your very own blog mentor, offering guidance on what needs to be done and when, minus the sweat and muscle soreness.

Similar options include SurferSEO, Frase, and InLinks.