Rask is the cutting-edge platform that streamlines the complex task of adding voiceovers, subtitles, and dubbing in multiple languages, including Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic, and English.

Experience Precision in Translation: Our AI-powered translation tool ensures unparalleled accuracy while preserving the original content’s essence and style, instilling confidence in the localization of your videos.

Unlock a World of Possibilities: Whether you require localization, overdubbing, voiceovers, or video subtitles for purposes such as employee training, marketing, explainer videos, content creation, or education, Rask stands as your comprehensive AI-powered solution. It’s not only fast, cost-effective, and precise but also offers a multitude of language options, enabling content creators to connect with global audiences through a single piece of content.

Optimize Your Outreach: Experiment with diverse call-to-action (CTA) scripts to identify the most resonant messages for your target audience and enhance conversion rates. Effortlessly launch videos across various social and web platforms, accelerating the distribution process. Additionally, our tool transforms video content into written articles, expanding the reach and impact of your marketing campaigns by repurposing content for diverse channels and formats.”