Research Studio


Research Studio is an AI-powered user and customer research and analysis tool for transforming mountains of data into actionable insights.

Research Studio was created to help small businesses with limited UX and marketing budgets automate research analysis. It cuts user and customer research time by almost 2 thirds, providing an affordable solution without sacrificing quality.

  • Upload your research raw data (PDF, Word, Excel, CSV, text & power point) and let the app do the rest. Translate your user and customer research data into valuable insights and action plans.
  • Organizing and analyzing your research files is as simple as dragging and dropping. Artificial intelligence models handle sorting and tedious data extraction. It’s a huge time saver.
  • Save yourself the time and effort of reading lengthy documents by getting a summary of all your research in one place. Research Studio does this for you with just one click, saving you hours of manual research.
  • Get to know your competitors better. Keep track of your direct competitors and get valuable insights into how they operate. Knowledge is power—so keep an eye on competitors’ activity and share intel freely with others in the market.
  • AI Chat lets you have natural conversations with your research and get answers to questions about metrics, pain points, people and roles. Ask insightful questions that spark discussions between data sets.
  • Get an overall view of the sentiments expressed in your users’ feedback and then dive into the details to learn more about what they think.