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Scribe streamlines manual processes by automatically generating detailed step-by-step guides that can be easily shared with your team, clients, or virtual assistants.

Discover the invaluable utility of Scribe – a tool you may not have realized you needed until you started using it. Once integrated into your workflow, you’ll find yourself systematically documenting all your procedures, thereby establishing a comprehensive library of Standard Operating Procedures to enhance your entire business.

Here’s how it operates: Begin by clicking to start recording and conclude by clicking to end the recording. The magic unfolds thereafter. Scribe automatically produces a comprehensive how-to guide, replete with screenshots, clear instructions, and interactive steps. If you ever need to tailor these guides to your specific needs, it’s a breeze! Customize screenshots, safeguard sensitive data, and incorporate text, annotations, or your unique branding effortlessly.

  • Effortlessly craft onboarding materials for new hires, training resources for clients, or rollout instructions for technological processes in just minutes. Scribe’s versatility spans a wide spectrum, from seamless URL-sharing to integration into existing tools and wikis.
  • Export your meticulously crafted guides as PDFs or effortlessly adapt them for compatibility with platforms like Confluence, all with unprecedented ease.
  • Refine your guides further by adding textual details, annotations, and personalized branding, or edit screenshots to protect sensitive information.
  • Scribe operates seamlessly across Chrome, Edge, and various desktop environments, ensuring a consistent and accessible user experience.

Effortlessly share your meticulously crafted guides with teammates or clients via a simple URL link.