Semrush outline builder

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“Revamp your content strategy with the power of artificial intelligence, infused with personalized SEO insights, to empower you in crafting high-ranking articles and blog posts.

The Content Outline Builder leverages AI to provide you with ready-to-use suggestions and outlines, accompanied by comprehensive briefs, streamlining the process of creating content that outshines the competition.

Unlock data-driven recommendations and guidance on content composition, optimal length, and compelling descriptions. Emulate the successful structure of top-performing articles or draw inspiration from competitors’ site titles.

Dive into your competitors’ strategies to unearth innovative ideas. Gain an in-depth understanding of their article structures, keywords, and headlines. Identify the most pertinent opportunities related to your website’s content, categories, and tags.

Collaborate seamlessly with writers by sharing briefs and working together in real-time. Describe your business, and let Outline Builder reveal trending topics for your content journey. Select a topic, review it, and tailor it to harmonize with your site’s unique essence.”