SUPERMACHINE is your rapid image generation solution, producing stunning visuals in under 15 seconds and accommodating various aspect ratios.

For bloggers, it’s the perfect tool to craft unique graphics to enrich your posts. Content creators can fashion original artwork for social media, advertising, promotional materials, and guides. Copywriters can effortlessly create captivating visuals to complement their written content.

Key Features:

  • Transform your mental image into reality by describing it in words, and SUPERMACHINE brings it to life. Fine-tune your output on an edit canvas to achieve perfection. Every image generated by SUPERMACHINE is unique and comes with commercial rights, allowing flexible usage.
  • With 40 custom models, you have an extensive palette of possibilities. Simply describe the image you desire to the AI, and it delivers, complete with user-friendly editing options.
  • Adjust facial scale to magnify faces in photos by fourfold, enhancing their prominence.
  • Explore the Advanced Styling menu, offering a plethora of styles, themes, and genres. Mix and match artistic options effortlessly to create distinctive images.
  • Gain inspiration from the works of other users. Use prompts that have sparked your creativity to generate images with a similar vibe.