Taskade is a solution to the muddled mess of non-AI productivity tools. This AI-powered task manager and productivity tool is a powerhouse for workflows thanks to five key tools, all AI-powered and unified in one workspace.

  • Workflow Wizard: generate tasks, outlines, and mind maps while weaving streamlined workflows out of your hectic worklife.
  • AI Chat Assistant: an assistant who never sleeps, this feature is all set up to assist you as you work on your projects. Brainstorm, coordinate, collaborate, and let AI handle the boring stuff (as well as the heavy lifting).
  • Flexible Workspace Formats: lists, boards, calendars, mind maps, organizational charts, or action views can be created and displayed according to your preferences. Organize and visualize your tasks, notes, and projects the way you want. Your canvas is your rules.
  • Advanced Outlining and Note-Taking: a smart, structured outlines experience that mirrors your brain’s natural organization.
  • Mind Maps: generate ideas, transform them into action items, and keep track of progress across different views.
  • Advanced sharing: shareable links, real-time chat, video calls, and an unlimited number of guest invites make it an ideal choice for teams, big and small.
  • Automated Workflows: transform your ideas into actionable workflows with unparalleled creativity. Build custom AI-generated templates to automate your work processes, keeping project creation a breeze.
  • Natural Language Task Creation: Speak naturally to add tasks, due dates, reminders, and more, because who doesn’t like a conversation?
  • Slash (/) Your Way to Productivity: You may have seen something similar in apps like Notion, and Taskade has taken the slash command to heart. Anywhere in the app, type “/” to unlock a plethora of AI-assisted commands.