Typing Mind


TypingMind combines the best of chatbot elements with ChatGPT, offering an enhanced user interface and stunning design to deliver an exceptional user experience. Enjoy faster response times, convenient chat history search, support for multiple languages, and the ability to save custom prompts. Your chat history is securely stored locally within your browser.

This static web application serves as an HTTP client for the ChatGPT API, eliminating the need for a backend server. TypingMind seamlessly operates directly in your browser, with an option for a standalone desktop app. Access to GPT-4 is not automatic with TypingMind.

In addition to ChatGPT capabilities, TypingMind can execute search queries through selected search engines when the Web Search feature is enabled. It also allows you to upload and engage in conversations with PDF files.

TypingMind’s predictive text feature assists you in transforming your ideas into creative content. Furthermore, its Syntax Savant function helps you refine sentence structure, ensuring flawless grammar and punctuation every time.

From Google Docs to Slack, TypingMind effortlessly integrates into your workspace, offering reliable support whenever you require it. Powered by OpenAI, TypingMind remains at the forefront with continuous updates and enhancements.

For added privacy and availability, TypingMind offers the option to self-host on a personal server.