Wondershare VirtuLook


With VirtuLook’s product image generation tool, you can rethink the way you take product photographs for your online store.

VirtuLook is a smart solution for creating compelling product photos with just a few clicks. And it’s all about getting higher conversion rates.

  • Virtual Model Fitting: you won’t miss the hassle of setting up photoshoots and physical modeling? VirtuLook digitizes the process, bringing your creations to life with realistic, high-resolution images of virtual models. Images align with style preferences and body shapes, give you ample opportunity to showcase different clothes on different bodies.
  • Curated AI-Generated Backgrounds: first impressions count, especially in digital retail. The powerful background generator, comes packed with countless background options to create the perfect scenery for your product photos.

Reduce the time-to-market by quickly updating your online catalog, sharing engaging visuals on social media, and launching results-driven advertising campaigns.

Cut production costs by eliminating traditional photography expenses, extensive editing, and tedious retouching—save time and money

Drive sales conversions by impressing visitors with incredibly brand imagery.