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Unlock the full potential of your private files with xMagic. Effortlessly upload, store, and engage with your files through a natural language processing system that comprehends your inquiries and automatically extracts pertinent information from your documents.

This AI assistant evolves through its interaction with your documents, transforming into a personalized resource tailored to your specific requirements. The standout feature? You can engage in interactive discussions with your documents, receiving insights and responses rooted in their content.

Simply upload PDFs, Notion, and TXT files to construct a customized knowledge base for your AI assistant. xMagic utilizes this data to field intricate and nuanced questions about your document content.

Receive clear, intelligent summaries of your documents along with suggested questions. xMagic provides direct citations and references, enabling independent fact-checking. Validate the accuracy of xMagic’s responses with pinpoint citations and page references.

Leveraging advanced AI, xMagic comprehends and addresses complex queries and nuanced questions derived from your file content.