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InLinks is a multifaceted SEO solution that excels in Entity-based Page & Site Optimization, Automated Internal Linking, Extensive Keyword Research, and Thorough Content Briefs. The platform employs an automated schema markup to enhance its grasp of content’s core entities, thereby ensuring search engines can interpret them effectively.

The InLinks AI writing assistant offers a curated list of prioritized topics by analyzing your existing site pages in comparison to your competitors. A handy queuing system aids in streamlining content creation efforts and guarantees comprehensive topic coverage. The tool’s keyword research capabilities are available both during the initial brief stage and for conducting audits.

By integrating a single line of JavaScript, InLinks effortlessly inserts contextually relevant internal links into a website’s main body text, focusing on entities. The tool provides various subscription plans, catering to a spectrum of users from free-tier enthusiasts to enterprise-level professionals. It has gained the trust of SEO experts, with many attributing their improved SEO outcomes to InLinks’ innovative approach.

InLinks’ Key Features:

  • Entity-based Page & Site Optimization
  • Automated Internal Linking
  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • Thorough Content Briefs
  • AI Writing Assistant

Notable Alternatives: