Asslam u Alaikum Sir,

It is Very very first time ky mein yahan Question post kr rha hun. sir question yei ky meri aik website hai general niche ap isy aisa hi samjhy jasy aik bhai nay question post kia tha result nhi mil rha for example “History Uncover website”. Rich Results Test kiya hain Desktop mein aur mobile mein 8 valid Hain. Baqi I Don’t know what actually is? And page Speed Insghit You can See Mobile wala SCreen shot attach kar diya hai.

And As for Content Mien Chatgpt aur Bing sei content Write Karta hun. Website mein kafi arsy sei koi Activity nhi thi kion ky time nhi tha study mein busy rha hun. Now I am free and ready to work with the site. Abhi recently aik post ki thi circus kay hiwaly sei. us per proper koi informational content nhi tha to write kar diya content bing sei. it’s about 1500+ words I think. Plagiarism Free content tha. But sir Mein ny Jab Indexing check ki tou only 10 Pages Index thy. I tied to fix this abhi bhi kr rha hun. but koi result nhi. sary sop follow kar diye. I am not a Expert Just like a Beginner sir. Please Help me with this. Here is My Blog Link: https://ufaqstories.blogspot.com/.

Main Issue Is Crawled – Currently not Index

Sohail Sardar Answered question October 19, 2023