AoA sir,

I have a two-month-old single-page apk site, with almost 15 articles published. On-page SEO is done, now should I start off the page? guest page will be suitable to rank or free backlink? And please give info, how to find suitable sites for off page?

2: It is necessary to index DMCA pages such as contact, about, TOC, and Privacy or keep them non-index?

3: which TLD is better to rank .com or .net , i judge on which kw i want to work, no site is rank with tld .com , although some domains are already registered with .com , either they have work or not! but .net .pro .app , tld have got rank, now should i go with .com or .net ( which about i am fully satisfied as a competitor recently rank with this tld)

shoaibmajeed Answered question October 22, 2023