AOA Sir,

1-Mn n rankmath pro latest version use kia hwa tha apk site pa, last week s achank rankmath seo scores uncorrect show krna lga, although yah scores pahla s hi perfect tha, mtlb jb mn n apni old post ko update kia to scores drop, even article length 3 words show hna lgi…

Ab agr koi bhy old post ko upate krn ya new post krn same issue hi, pro wla version khtm kr free wla try kia phr pro wla try kia , nothing is working well, plz solution!

2- Secndly, is it good practice to update the date of our home page like apk last update” can we update date on daily basis ? or we should simply update only app version when get updated randomly?


Sohail Sardar Answered question October 7, 2023