Respected Sir

Congratulations for uploading your video on YouTube channel.

Sir while sharing screen please increase the size or zoom in the screen. Best is to create slides in PowerPoint.

  • Content, voice is excellent.
  • If you share any text / points / of your video Note: I will make it PowerPoint presentation for you….  please it will be a great pleasure for me if I will do it for you.
  • Sir Background is messy. Please remove the things from background and make it simple.
  • All you have in background is to need to arrange properly to create better modern look.
  • Put your name clock in front more prominently. Put photo frame in some unique order. Remove mirror put a small console.
  • Sir my humble request is to use Dark color that suit/like you while making video.
  • Sir create modern look. overall, it looks old fashioned as I am watching PTV.

Sir hope you got my point.

Sohail Sardar Answered question September 9, 2023