Tiktok Live in Pakistan – Tiktok Earn Money

I wanted to bring to your attention an exciting development that has recently surfaced in Pakistan’s TikTok community. As you may know, TikTok Live features were not officially accessible in Pakistan, leading users to resort to foreign SIM cards to access this functionality. However, a newfound solution has emerged in the form of a specialized Android APK attached below.

This APK allows users in Pakistan to enjoy the TikTok Live features seamlessly, eliminating the need for foreign SIM cards and simplifying the process of accessing live broadcasting capabilities. With this APK, the TikTok Live experience is now within reach for users residing in Pakistan, enhancing the overall TikTok experience.

It’s important to exercise caution and ensure that any applications downloaded are from reputable and reliable sources to maintain the security of your devices and personal data.

Embrace this exciting development and make the most of TikTok Live within the Pakistani community!

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Team Sohail Sardar

14 thoughts on “Tiktok Live in Pakistan – Tiktok Earn Money”

  1. I tried so many times but just showing live option but live is not working, so can you guide me more cause I tried it so many times but Sirf live option show ho Raha hai live on nh ho rhi. Email Mang Raha bar bar email dalne k bad bhi same process dikha Raha hai .

  2. sir main ne ye tiktok download kia hai lekin mera tiktok profile page pe followers show nhi ho rhe or jb main live aata ho to logine page pe chala jata ho please help

  3. السلام علیکم بھائی تو سیم یہی کام میں نے بھی کیا ہے اور ٹک ٹاک لائیو بنانے کے لیے تو جب نا دوبارہ مطلب اپنا ٹک ٹاک لاگ ان کرو نا اس میں نمبر ڈالو فون نمبر تو فون نمبر ڈالنے کے وقت نا وہ کہہ رہا ہے بھائی میکسیمم پولیس ٹرائی اگین لیٹر تو یہ والا اپشن بار بار ا رہا ہے تو اس کا حل کیسے ہوگا


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