Tiktok Monetization in Pakistan – Simple and Easy Way

Yes! You can now earn using Tiktok video monetization while living in Pakistan. You can not monetize your current accounts that were created on Pakistani IPs, So to create monetized other country tiktok account that are eligible for monetization. Below is the solution to create monetizeable tiktok accounts.

How to Create Account:

Monetization Requirements:

  1. Create your own videos, lipsing or music based content will not be monetized
  2. You must have other country ID other then Pakistan that is authorised by tiktok for monetisation
  3. Your account must have minimum 10k Followers
  4. Your any single video must have 1 Lac Views
  5. Your account must have Minimum 5 videos in your account
  6. Music in videos must not be copyrighted, user music effects and create your own stuff

How to Enable Monetization:

  1. Uninstall Your OLD tiktok App that was created on Pakistani IP
  2. Download both files uploaded above “Tiktok Plugin” and “Tiktok Mod”.
  3. Firstly install Tiktok Mod Version APK
  4. and never open the Tiktok after installation
  5. Then install Tiktok Plugin
  6. then open this Tiktok plugin
  7. on 2nd number there will be “Region” selection option Off, just change it to ON.
  8. Then click on Launch Tiktok button
  9. Now you will be using USA based Tiktok
  10. now create your Tiktok ID in it
  11. Now you are using USA based Tiktok ID with fully monetized features
  12. Now create content and start making money – Thanks

Learn Tiktok Marketing and Monetization:

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  1. Assalamu alaikum Sohail Bhai ap download howa Hai lekin tiktok install kr raha hu wo Ni horha third party app sy bi check Kiya Hai
    App not installed likka arha Hai

  2. Mod Apk latest version install krnay ka notification show ho raha hai. But jab update krtay han tu wo update work nahi krti. Aur account se notification b remove nahi ho raha. Kya hum is account ko orginal Apk Me login kr sktay han.

  3. السلام علیکم۔۔ بھائی سارا کام کر کے اکاؤنٹ بنا لیا ہے۔۔ تاریخ پیدائش بھی لکھ دی ہے مگر
    New caretor beta ka option nhi aya?

  4. Sohail sab account to create krlia hai butt ye follow msla bn gia hai
    Follow automatically unfollow ho jatae hai please help me please

  5. Brother Sohail, your kind facilitation is requested, everything is done as per suggested guidance but during last step of launching TikTok this message is showing “error in modification, contact developer” is popping up. Could you please take a time to help us?

    GM Surhio


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